Nevo Balade Parisienne edition: a stylish smartwatch you won’t be ashamed to wear in public

As life-changing as some of the latest wearable gadgetry is, some of it is downright ugly. Not the Nevo Balade Parisienne edition. Soon to be available in four new styles, the latest in the line of stylish Swiss-powered wearables offers all the elegant design cues and tracking abilities of its predecessors, with a few aesthetic enhancements to boot.

The French designed timepiece – like the rest of Nevo’s smart watch range – wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk or on the wrists of the most dapper gadgeteer, and is proof yet again that smart watches can – y’know – look smart in a way that doesn’t push your love of technology in the faces of onlookers in the way more obvious smartwatches might. The show-offs.

Instead the Nevo Balade Parissienne edition is more likely to either draw knowing glances from those of the tech persuasion, or shock that you are in fact, wearing a smartwatch – such has been the dearth of smart timepieces that you wouldn’t think twice of pairing with your Armani blazer and cufflinks. Okay, Debenhams.

Sartorial options aside, the Balade Parissienne edition, available in four styles: Tetre, Saules, Lepic and Ravignan has been slimmed down from the 12.6mm thickness  of previous models down to 12mm for a watch that is more svelte and comfortable on the wrist.

‘Swiss movement’ comes as standard as does calorie and distance tracking. It will even count how many steps you’ve taken each day, and let you how much sleep you’re getting. It’s also waterproof up to 5ATM.

LED notifications let you know whether you’ve reached any of your tracking goals. You can also sync the watch to your smartphone to notify you of any incoming calls or received messages.

Let’s talk battery life: for its smartwatch features Nevo says you’ll get between three and six months of juice depending on usage. Expect around 5-6 years for its timekeeping abilities.

Available in February the Balade Parissienne edition will connect to both iOS and Android smartphones. Three more photos of the new styles can be seen below. What do you think?