Carphone Warehouse Trade In journey


Carphone Warehouse wanted to make it easier for its customers to afford the latest smartphones.

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To create a simple customer journey where customers can trade in their old phone and use the cash value towards the cost of their new phone in a single transaction.

Key points:

– Customers can see how much they will get for their old phone
– Customers can see how much cheaper their new phone will be
– The journey is to clearly communicate each step.


Carphone Warehouse Trade In

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Customers can search for their current phone to see how much it’s worth. The language used is simple and easy to understand. “Trade in your old phone, and get money off this handset” is a simple call to action.

Similar language is used throughout the journey wherever a customer encounters part of this journey.

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Once the customer has typed in the name of their current phone, they choose what type of condition their phone is in from a dropdown menu (i.e Working or damaged).


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The design clearly tells the customer how much cash or money off they will receive by trading in their old phone – “You’ll receive”.


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Just to the right of this is another call to action telling the customer to shop the phone collection to “see how much cheaper a new phone could be.”

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The prices shown on the next page display the range of phones. You’ll notice here that the iPhone X can now be purchased for free because you’re trading in your old phone.


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The upfront cost has been crossed out showing the customer this phone will cost “£0.00 with your trade in.” 


Once the customer has added the phone to their basket, they will see the following message at checkout, instructing them what to do with their old phone.


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The language again is kept simple.”We’ll send you a jiffy bag. Put your phone in this” is a straightforward instruction. The rest of the copy clearly explains that the customer will receive payment once their phone has been delivered to Carphone Warehouse.