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Hands-on with Olympus’ Pen E-P3: A retro camera with a high-tech twist!

Earlier this week, Olympus officially revealed its awesome new Pen range of Micro Four thirds cameras – a trio of record-breaking cameras kitted out with “the world’s fastest autofocus” for snappers with interchangeable lenses. The Pen E-P3, Pen Lite E-PL3 and Pen Mini E-PM1 are part of Olympus’ grand plan to turn even the most pathetic amateur snapper into a master of the craft.

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Binary Domain Review

Binary Domain proves that shooters don’t have to feature bloodthirsty zombies to be fun. Instead SEGA’s futuristic shooter has players pumping lead into enemy robots threatening to overrun mankind. It’s not original, and it’s hardly approaching supreme A.I. levels of cleverness, but Binary Domain is still one of the most satisfying shooters around, says Stephen Ebert.