Nvidia shows off multiple-platform multiplayer gaming

You want to play an online multiplayer game with your mates, but you don’t own the same consoles. So you can’t. Don’t you just hate that? Nvidia has the answer. Its Tegra 2 chip lets gamers play others on different console formats simultaneously with no slowdown at all. It has to be seen to be believed. We did just that.

Showing off the Unreal Engine 3-based Dungeon Defenders Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang promised that Tegra 2 will offer “console quality” gaming on mobile devices, before going one better by showing the LG Optimus 2X being used to play an online game of  Dungeon Defenders with two other players playing the same game on a PS3 and GeForce PC.

Things soon got even more impressive when we witnessed no lack of frame-rate on any device. “We don’t have to scale anything back” Huang revealed. For both gamers and non-gamers, It was definitely something to behold.

Check out our gallery above to see what playing online games between three formats looks like.