Video hands on: New Angry Birds toy unveiled at CES

We just couldn’t get enough of the real-life Angry Birds game we spotted at CES yesterday, so we went back to play it some more. This time around we’ve nabbed some high def video of some high-flying bird-based destruction in action, along with the latest news on possible future Angry Birds “analog” games.

The video we’ve captured shows how you’ll be able to play Angry Birds Knock on Wood, the game based on the hit mobile app and why it’s the closest thing you’ll come to recreating some Angry Birds action without getting the RSPCA on your case.

Watch how players take it in turns to build pig-inhabiting obstacles for the other player to break down. It’s great fun – Mattel tells us it’s been the talk of its office. We already know it’s coming to the UK but Mattel couldn’t say which stores, except for the likes of Amazon in the UK.

And what of more Angry Birds board games? Another Angry Birds card game is on the way, but Mattel won’t be showing that until the New York Toy Fair. As for more, Mattel says there are others in the pipeline. Real-life Angry Birds Seasons, anyone? It may happen. Expect to see more of the individual birds themselves on sale in future too.

Will you be picking up Angry Birds Knock on Wood? Let us know in the comments section below.